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আবু জার মোঃ আককাস
ˈɑbu dʒɑr moˈɦɑmmɔd̪ ˈɑkkɑs
أبو ذر محمد وقاص
अबू ज़र मुहम्मद अक्‍कास
Αμπού Τζαρ Μ Ακκάς
Αβου Δξαρ Μ Ακκας
Абу Зар мохаммед Аккас
அபு தார் முகம்மது அக்காஸ்
ಅಬು ಜರ್ ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ ಅಕ್ಕಾಸ
אבו דר מוחמד וקאץ

Abu Jar M(d) Akkas. Born on 25 August 1970, officially, which is 47 weeks later than my original date of birth that fell on 30 Bhadra 1376 in the Bengali calendar. Spent 18 years after birth on the bank of the River Punarbhaba in Dinajpur and now living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Married to Jahanara Nargis, m. 1998. Daughter |Ana Armita|, b. 2004.

Education: Studied English literature as a bachelor's student and language, with special reference to English, as a master's student at the University of Dhaka. Received B.A. in 1993 (Session 1988-91) and M.A. in 1995 (Session 1991-92). Completed higher secondary in Dinajpur Government College and secondary in Dinajpur Zilla School. Started schooling with St Joseph's School in Dinajpur.

My curriculum vitæ

Employment: Now working with the New Age, a Dhaka-based daily newspaper. Started career in journalism with the Daily Star in 1993 and had since then worked with the Financial Express, the weekend supplement of the Independent, Holiday and the PC Quest Bangladesh, Bangladesh edition of (Indian) PC Quest. Also worked with the now-defunct Associated Press of Bangladesh for a while.

Publication: In a group of eight, compiled and edited the style guide for ||New Age, Stylebook of New Age|| (700kB, pdf), |cover| (60kB, png), published in October 2004 for in-house use.

Interests: Interested in linguistics, phonetics, grammar, etymology and other related subjects. Also interested generally in the writing systems of the world and particularly in the shapes, forms, changes and rules of graphemes of the Bengali script, and issues like transliteration and transcription. Also interested in the character code issues for electronic data interchange on computer systems and keyboard overlays.

Training: Familiar with Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux, text editors, word processors, desktop publishing software Adobe PageMaker, Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and Donald Knuth's typesetting program TeX and few of its friends, both on Windows and Linux. Bit of TeX macro programming and Metafont and GNU Flex and GCC. On talking terms with MacOS. Internet, e-mail, HTML, CSS. Good knowledge of DOS and Windows 3.x and 9.x.

Involved with production process, particularly of newspapers and magazines; the interest resulted in the knowing of the history of printing, from letter-press hand-composition to offset lithographic computerised composition, and typefaces.

Have experience of designing faces with TrueType and PostScript (Type 1) technologies, serviceable knowledge of Metafont internals and smattering knowledge of punch-cutting and type-casting techniques.

A note on my name, finally: I spell it wrong as Abu Jar M Akkas (M in media and Md in official documents which is short for Mohammed), derived from Arabic أبو ذر محمد وقاص (ʾabuw ḏarr muḥammad waqqāṣ): or আবু জার মোঃ আককাস in Bengali (ābu jāra moḥ ākakāsa /ɑbu dʒɑr moɦɑmmɔd̪ ɑkkɑs/). It should have spelt at least Abu Dharr Muhammad Waqas or Waqqas based on its derivation. When I grew up, I saw that my father had spelt it Abou Jar Mohammed Akkas in his notebook when I was born.

And a formal curriculum vitæ is here.


Revised: 8 April 2011