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Abu Jar Md Akkas

I misspell, etymologically speaking, my name as Abu Jar M Akkas — where M, in media, or Md, in official documents, with a full stop or without, is short for Mohammed — derived from Arabic أبو ذر محمد وقاص (ʾabuw ḏarr muḥammad waqqāṣ). I also misspell it as আবু জার মোঃ আককাস, (ābu jāra moḥ ākakāsa /ˈɑbu dʒɑr ˈmoɦɑmmɔd̪ ˈɑkkɑs/), in Bengali. When I grew up enough, I found that my father had spelt it as ‘Abou Jar Mohammed Akkas’ in his notebook.

A case-insensitive global search for regexp — abu jar md?\.? akkas — should return my name written in Roman letters with four options.


Rev.: vii·xi·mmxxii